Amalia`s dream I

10 Responses to “Amalia`s dream I”

  1. Oh wow I like that very much, Mirela – wonderful shot! Adrian

  2. I like this so much I’m going to relog it on FATman Photos. A

  3. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I came across Mirela Dumitrescu’s blog today, and really like her images. This one in particular stands out for me. Its a portrait, but we see very little of the subject. Far more than that, I love the subject movement, and the way that Mirela has created something that looks far more like an oil painting than a photograph. The orange and red colours are simply gorgeous, and the dull, neutral background, lighter around the subject, is perfect. Wow, simply wow!. FATman

  4. Waw, thank you Adrian, I`m so happy about your comment!

  5. I’ve followed Adrian’s link from his reblog of your post, and I’m happy that I did. Apart from the wonderful sense of motion and energy (and mystery), I love how you have applied–to my eye at least–just the right amount of saturation to her hair and coat. Lovely work.

  6. Thank you Gary! You have beautiful wildlife and nature photos from exotic places that enchant my eyes and imagination.

  7. Absolutely stunning!!

  8. You have beautiful photos also, Sonali Dalal.

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